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Unformatted text preview: squirt cleavage Sea squirt larva development Sea squirt larva development Development from egg to tadpole in 12 hours (Phallusia). Mitochondria-rich myoplasm domain (labelled with DIOC2(3) (green) is partitioned into the posterior pair of blastomeres which give rise to primary muscle cells in the tail of the tadpole . Time lapse DIC and fluorescence microscopy. Sea squirt larva development Development from 8 cell stage to tadpoles(Phallusia): This sequence of 2 embryos held in a microchamber was recorded overnight using DIC optics and time lapse microscopy. The field is about 300 microns wide. http://biodev.obs-vlfr.fr/recherche/biomarcell/films+images/filmarchive.htm#maturation Sea squirt larva development Asymmetric cleavage in posterior blastomeres of 16 cell stage embryo (Phallusia). In the first part of the film the centrosome can be observed as a clear zone in front of the interphase nucleus . Led by the centrosome, the nucleus stretches and migrates near the posterior cortex. In the second part of the movie (from 11 seco...
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