Bio 575 chapter 07 Table 7 12

Bio 575 chapter 07 Table 7 12 - TABLE 7-11 SUMMARY...

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TABLE 7-11 SUMMARY COMPARISON OF MAIN LONGEVITY PATHWAYS IN MODEL ORGANISMS Organism & Pathway Major Genes or Pathway Effect Yeast Metabolic Control via CR RAS2, PKA; requires HDAc Low glucose represses PKA which activatess Msn2 & 4, thus repressing pro-senescence pathways & activating stress resistance mechanisms via ISP not applicable; CR pathway is forerunner of ISP --- via RR RAS2, Rtg1, Rtg2, Rtg3 Coordinates nuclear & mitochondrial activities, shifts cell metabolism accordingly Stress Resistance CuZnSOD, MnSOD, DNA repair genes, RAS2 inhibits Msn2 & Msn4 tfs which repress multiple stress resistance genes. Adaptive effect noted. Genetic Stability SIR2, DNA checkpoint genes, telomeres Absence of SIR2 gene induces rDNA circles and genome instability. May be a private mechanism. Longevity requires all DNA repair genes Reproductive Effects - - - Asymmetric mitotic divisions distribute damaged proteins to mother cell, promotes somatic senescence & shortens replicative life span. Patterns of Senescence - - - Mother cell undergoes senescence but daughter cells stay young Nematode Metabolic Control via CR see ISP data --- via ISP daf2, age-1, daf18, Akt1,2, daf16 environment signals activate sensory neuron & then i n t e r n e u r o n t o s e c r e t e insulin-like ligand. This activates ISP in neural cells, which then systemically affect body via secondary hormones. See Fig. 7-11,12. via RR
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Bio 575 chapter 07 Table 7 12 - TABLE 7-11 SUMMARY...

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