tikhanoff - The iCub Humanoid Robot Simulator V. Tikhanoff,...

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Abstract — The authors present the prototype of a new computer simulator for the humanoid robot iCub Fig. 1 (a). The iCub is a new open-source humanoid robot developed as a result of the RobotCub project [1], a collaborative European project aiming at developing a new open-source cognitive robotics platform. The iCub simulator has been developed as part of a joint effort with the European project iTalk on the integration and transfer of action and language knowledge in cognitive robots. This is available open-source to all researchers interested in cognitive robotics experiments with the iCub humanoid platform. I. INTRODUCTION omputer simulations play an important role in robotics research. Despite the fact that the use of a simulation might not provide a full model of the complexity present in the real environment and might not assure a fully reliable transferability of the controller from the simulation environment to the real one, robotic simulations are of great interest for cognitive scientists [2]. A robotic platform simulator can be used as a tool for testing algorithms in order to quickly check for any major problems prior to use of the physical robot. A simulator for the iCub robot magnifies the value a research group can extract from the physical robot, by making it more practical to share a single robot between several researchers. The fact that the simulator is free and open makes it a simple way for people interested in the robot to begin learning about its capabilities and design, with an easy "upgrade" path to the actual robot due to the protocol- level compatibility of the simulator and the physical robot. And for those without the means to purchase or build a humanoid robot, such small laboratories or hobbyists, the Manuscript submitted July 7, 2008. This work was supported in part by the RobotCub Project and the iTalk Project. V. Tikhanoff is with the Adaptive Behaviour and Cognition Research lab at the Universtity of Plymouth PL4 8AA (phone: +441752586289; fax: +441752232540; e-mail: vadim.tikhanoff@plymouth.ac.uk). P. Fitzpatrick, is with the Lira-Lab University of Genoa, Viale Causa 13, Genova IT (e-mail: paulfitz@liralab.it). F. Nori is with the Robotics, Brain and Cognitive Sciences at the Italian
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tikhanoff - The iCub Humanoid Robot Simulator V. Tikhanoff,...

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