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C# Review Questions chapter1-7

C# Review Questions chapter1-7 - Microsoft Visual C 2005 An...

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Microsoft Visual C# 2005 - An Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming Chapter One 1. A computer program written as a series of on and off switches is written in a.machine language c.a high-level language b.a low-level language d.a compiled language 2. A program that translates high-level programs into intermediate or machine code is a(n): a.mangler c.analyst b.complier d.vortex 3. The grammer and spelling rules of a programming language constitute its ____________. a.logic c.syntax b.variables d.vortex 4. Variables are _________. a.procedures c.grammer rules b.named memory locations d.operations 5. Programs in which you create and use objects that have attributes similar to their real-world counterpart are known as ___________ programs. a.procedural c.authentic b.logical d.object-oriented 6. Which of the following pairs is an example of a class and an object, in that order? a.robin and bird c.university and SDSU b.chair and desk d.oak and tree 7. The technique of the packaging an object's attributes into a cohesive unit that can be used as an undivided entity is ________. a.inheritance c.polymorphism b.encapsulation d.interfacing 8. Of the following languages, which is least similar to C#? a.Java c.C++ b.Visual Basic d.COBOL 9. A series of characters that appear within double quotation marks is a(n)________. a.parameter c.argument b.interface d.literal string 10. The C# method that prints a line of output on the screen and then positions the cursor on the next line is ________. a.WriteLine() c.DisplayLine() b.PrintLine() d.OutLine() 11. Which of the following is an object? a.System c.Out b.Console d.WriteLine 12. In C#, a scheme that groups similar to classes is a(n) ________. a.superclass c.namespace b.method d.identifer
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13. Every method in C# contains a ______________. a.header and a body c.variable and a class b.header and a footer d.class and an object 14. Which of the following is a method? a.namespace c.Main() b.public d.static 15. Which of the following statements is true? a.An identifier must begin with an underscore. b.An identifier can contain digits. c.An identifier must be no more than 16 characters long. d.An identifier can contain only lowercase letters. 16. Which of the following identifiers is not legal in C#? a.per cent increase c.HTML b.source code d.alternativetaxcredit 17. The text of a program you write is called __________. a.object code c.machine language b.source code d.executable documentation 18. Programming errors such as using incorrect puncuation or misspelling words are collectively known as _____________ error. a.syntax c.executable b.logical d.fatal 19. A comment in the form /* this is a comment */ is a(n) _________. a.XML comment
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C# Review Questions chapter1-7 - Microsoft Visual C 2005 An...

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