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History 1301 Notes - History 1301 Notes June 1, 2010 Paper...

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Unformatted text preview: History 1301 Notes June 1, 2010 Paper Topic: XYZ Affair and The Quasi War- Outline Due Wednesday the 9 th ! Early Exploration o Bering Straits- Ice Age Came from Asia thru them and all the way down to the United States and South America o 12,000 years ago we had an Agricultural Revolution Everyone was hunter gatherers Then they started settling down and growing stuff Sedentary societies became to grow and mature Social hierarchies o Poor, middle class, rich, ridiculously rich o Royalty and priest hood o Mayans, Incas, Aztecs= Mound builders- built temples out of dirt known as the Mississippian Culture because they are around the Mississippi River North to South- Richer people lived at the top of the mounds and poorer people were buried at the bottom o Cahokia(outside St. Louis) had 20,000 people- same as London Found evidence they were speaking over 300 languages Found shells from W. Coast in burial mounds there Trading route across U.S. Were huge! o Adena and Hopewell- Ohio area o Vikings 10 th-11 th century Relatively violent- Destroyed and burned things 986- Bjarni Herjolfsson- Coming from Iceland and goes to Greenland The Saga of the Greenlanders o Settled on Greenland and in 1003- Leif Ericsson (dad was Eric the Red)- loads up some ships and sails west and reach U.S. Native Americans and Vikings dont get along very well o Called the area they landed on Vinland- grapes growing on vines o Scalped the Vikings- they never permanently settled in the U.S. o Marco Polo- alive around the 1200s During the 1270s- him, his father and his uncle were residing in the Chinese Emperor In 1295- Chinese Emperor died and new guy didnt like Westerners so they fled and they ran into a War between the Italian city states Marco Polo was captured and helped as a POW of Genoese forces He wrote a book about his experiences in Asia talking about the culture, flowers, spices, fireworks and poppy plants Buying books was a luxury- rich could afford them o Printing Press Invented in Europe in 1400s Makes it easier and cheaper to print books People can read Marco Polos book and the word of all the cool stuff is spreading through Europe o Prince Henry the Navigator- part of the royal Portuguese family Second or third son in the royal family- which means he doesnt have to do anything so he got involved with the military They go on some expeditions in Northern Africa He got together experts (cartographers, ship builders) and began sailing down the Coast of Africa (1440s) Discovered African tribes and Portuguese started taking slaves and gave them slaves o Portuguese explorers Wanted to break the monopoly that the Italians had on Asian trade Bartolomeo Dias (1487-1488) Sailed around the Southern tip of Africa Vasco da Gama (1492-1499) Made it to India and back Broke the Monopoly the Italians had Magellan (1519-1522) First to sail around the world...
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History 1301 Notes - History 1301 Notes June 1, 2010 Paper...

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