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Allisons romeo and juliet

Allisons romeo and juliet - Romeo and Juliet CD There She...

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Romeo and Juliet CD “There She Goes,” by The La’s- I chose this song to describe Act 1 scene 1 in the end when Romeo and Benvolio discuss Romeos love for Rosaline. Romeo feels that Rosaline is the only woman for him and that he was madly in love with her. This song relates to this scene because the artists is basically saying that his love just walked away and he cant explain how much feelings he still has for her. “Love At First Sight,” by Kylie Minogue- For Act 1 scene 5 I chose this song because this is the scene when Romeo and Juliet first spot each other and instantly fall in love. Juliet approaches Romeo and they hit things off first thing, they go to a separate area to hold and kiss each other. This song describes hearing someone for the first time and immediately knowing that they are the one for you and that when you hold them you know you are in love. “Thirteen,” by Big Star- I chose this song for Act 2 scene 2 which is the balcony scene when Romeo and Juliet talk about how they love each other and how they hate that their families are rivals. This song is about
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