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PSY 310, Section 06 The Discussion Section: The section that really ties your paper together! The Purpose of the discussion section To evaluate and interpret the results and how they relate to your hypothesis. Ask yourself: How might my study help to resolve the original problem or question? What conclusions and theoretical implications might I be able to draw from my study? What will I have contributed to the field? Formatting the discussion section In APA style: Section label called “Discussion” (no quotes) centered at the top. No italics, bold, underline, or all-caps Follow appropriate APA format: all 1-inch margins, double-spacing, page header and page number at top right in header, no skipped lines, left-justified with first paragraph indented, no underlining, italics, bold, or all-capital words, no subheadings, length is no less than 5 paragraphs (or about 2-3 pages) Write in future tense: You will be discussing the expected results based on the premise that you find what you hypothesized (most likely) The Main components of your Discussion section 1) Restate hypothesis (hypotheses) and summarize expected findings ( one paragraph ) b. Compare and contrast your proposed findings to previous research that you cited in the introduction ( one paragraph ) c. Discuss the strengths and limitations of your study ( two paragraphs ) d. Interpret your findings, suggest what we can conclude from these expected findings, and provide suggestions for future research ( one to two paragraphs ) Description of the contents of each of these sections: 1) Restate your hypothesis (hypotheses) and summarize your expected findings ( one paragraph ) Restate the goal of the study or major research questions Clearly restate your original hypothesis (hypotheses)
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DiscussionSectionHandout - PSY 310, Section 06 The...

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