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Graduate School Common Questions: Am I ready for graduate school? Am I motivated for another 2-5+ years of school? Do I know what graduate school is really all about? Am I just doing this because I don’t know what else to do? Should I take a year off? Step One Decide what type of program you’re interested in: o Research (experimental): Cognitive, Biopsych, Developmental, Social, etc. o Clinical Ph.D.(Bolder Model): Most applicants, hence most difficult to get in o Psy.D.: All clinical o Counseling o School psychology o Industrial/Organizational o Sports Psychology o JD (Psych and Law) Step Two Decide if you want to get a Master’s or Ph.D. o Masters Benefits: Easier to get into, time commitment isn’t enormous, can still switch programs if you decide to go on (ex: experimental to clinical) Drawback: Should be thought of as a stepping-stone for a Ph.D. program. You can get work in your chosen field, but it’s mostly RA type work (data entry, running other people's subjects, etc). Generally won’t make a career out of psychology itself, but is a good starting point for management, health care administration, etc. Exception: I/O Psych, Counseling o Ph.D. Benefits: Need it to get research level and University jobs. Get to do what you love to do, and have a reasonably flexible schedule. Drawbacks: Huge commitment and financial burden Step Three Select Potential Programs o Unlike undergrad, you select a Ph.D. program based on whom you want to work for. In other words, you’ll need to find an advisor who does similar research to what you’re interested in: Know what your interests are, discover who does work in that field
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GraduateSchoolHandout - Graduate School Common Questions Am...

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