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SAMPLE INTRODUCTION AND REFERENCES Title of Your Proposal Centered Indent (tab) and start your first paragraph. This is where you should give a brief introduction to the general issue. One option is to cite prevalence rates of some problem or area; for example, X% of individuals with chronic illness report that they receive less social support than they prefer (Hatchett, Friend, Symister, & Wadhwa, 1997). The next time you cite this reference, you will only include the first author and ‘et al.’ (Hatchett et al., 1997). In your next paragraphs, you should summarize the relevant literature, using the proper format for in-text citations: remember, the in-text citation only includes the author(s) last name and year of publication. Also, every in-text citation should appear on your References page. Your summary should include the important and relevant findings of each article. The review should be relevant to your research question and lead up to your explanation of why your study proposal is an important next step in this field. In other words, this review should make the
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IncompleteSampleIntroduction - SAMPLE INTRODUCTION AND...

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