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PSY 310, Section 06 Tips on What to Include in the INTRODUCTION I. The General Opening Paragraph a. Introduce the general topic b. Describe its importance (you may do this by citing statistical findings or by mentioning other research studies that show the physical or psychological impact/importance of the problem) c. Use examples to illustrate points or introduce concepts or terms d. DO NOT plunge readers right into your research question/hypothesis; instead, set the stage for why you chose your research idea by first providing general information about the issue and reviewing relevant literature I. Review of specific research findings e. Summarize the current state of knowledge (the literature you have reviewed) in your area of investigation f. Consider your hypothesized results when deciding what findings are most relevant to include in the introduction i. For example, if you hypothesized sex differences in the association of ADHD and grade point average (e.g., a negative correlation for boys, but no
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