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PSY 310, Section 6 The Literature Search The Literature Search You will use the literature search to: 1) Complete Step 3 of the scientific method: Gather information to refine your research question **Keep in mind that in the initial stages of the literature search when you are trying to narrow down your idea and form your hypothesis, you are trying to use the existing research to help you make an informed decision about three main things: What VARIABLES you will be measuring (e.g., domestic violence, GPA, aggression, testosterone, etc.) WHO your subjects will be What your PREDICTION is about the relationship between those variables (for correlational study design) or what changes you expect to occur after you manipulate one of the variables (for experimental design) 2) Help you identify the best methods to measure your variables of interest in your particular population (e.g., look for questionnaires that have been used by others in your area of interest, check to see how other researchers have operationalized or defined “domestic violence” – (we’ll talk more about this when we go over the Method section) 3) After your study has been designed and you are writing your paper, you will pull specific articles from your search to justify the importance of your study and support your hypotheses (used in Introduction section) and to support your research findings and implications (used in Discussion section). If you want or need help with your research: a. Help is available on a walk-in basis from Reference and Information Services in the Central Reading Room of the Melville Library. Help is available by phone or online from the Ask a Librarian service. Classroom instruction in library research is provided by Library Orientation and Instruction Services b. Go through this mini course: How to Conduct a Literature Search Step 1: Pick a database to start your search Acceptable Databases NOT Acceptable Databases PsycINFO** Google PsycARTICLES Yahoo Medline AOL Wiley Interscience Any internet site not accessible from the Stony Brook library website ** Recommended database: PsycINFO To access PsycINFO from the Stony Brook website: Go to the Stony Brook website: . This website has links to: Research Databases to access PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES Electronic Journals to see if your journal is online 1
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PSY 310, Section 6 The Literature Search WebStars to see if Melville library has your journal Health Sciences Library Catalogue to see if HSC library has your journal Interlibrary Loan to use if Stony Brook doesn’t have your journal Click on Libraries Click on Frank Melville Jr. Memorial Library Click on Databases and E-Journals Under Databases and E-Journals click P Click PsycINFO Step 2: Search for information I. Different ways to perform a search depending on what information you have: A. For a subject or topic, a broad “keyword search” on PsycINFO will provide you with
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LiteratureSearch-Handout - PSY 310 Section 6 The Literature...

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