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PSY 310, Section 06 Method Section PURPOSE To describe how you would conduct your study with enough detail so a reader can evaluate the validity of your procedures and replicate or extend your results. The Method section is like a “recipe” for science: it tells the reader how you would go about investigating your hypothesis. While there are many ways to go about collecting data in this recipe for science, the goal is to come up with a sound method that doesn’t turn into a “recipe for disaster.” One thing to keep in mind while designing your proposal: what sort of methods have other people used in the past? If you are building on earlier work with a similar hypothesis, using established methods is the way to go. If your method is improving on past methods, tell the reader about this improvement. FORMAT Divided into 3 sections: Participants (or Subjects), Measures (or Materials or Apparatus) , and Procedure Participants In this section you describe the people who will be in your study. This includes: Population sampled : Who would participate? (e.g., adolescent girls in their first week of hospitalization for anorexia, pregnant women in their third trimester who received no previous prenatal care) Demographic description of participants: ** this means you need a demographic questionnaire ** Gender (proportion of males and females who would be in your study) Age (average age AND age range) Ethnicity: what would the ethnic configuration of your sample be? For an example of different ethnic group descriptors see www.census.gov SES or income Education level Marital status (if applicable) Location: Where would participants come from? Urban, suburban, rural? Region of the country (e.g., Long Island, New York) Public or private schools? College or elementary school? Selection process: How were they selected? How would you recruit for your study? (newspaper advertisements, radio announcements, school visits, random-digit dialing, etc.) How would you compensate your participants? (course credit, paid, etc.)
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How would you select your final sample? (i.e., eligibility requirements – who was
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