Chapter 7-Thermodynamics

Chapter 7-Thermodynamics - o If reverse, negative o If...

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Chapter 7- Thermodynamics First law. ∆U= q + w a. ∆U= ∆H-P∆V b. ∆U= Internal Energy Systems: a. Open b. Closed c. Work done on system- Positive d. System does work- Negative e. Heat in- Positive f. Heat out- Negative Work a. w= -P∆V b. Usually involves PV=nRT (final and intitial) Enthalpy a. Heat at constant pressure b. ∆H=∆U+ P∆V c. Often use ideal gas law (find moles then multiply H by) Hess's Law o Circle then change/cancel using reverse reactions or coefficients o Must do same to quantities of heat
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Unformatted text preview: o If reverse, negative o If multiply, multiply k's • Heat of Formation o Products- Reactants o Elements and gases are 0 • Heat o q=mCsp∆T o May be given density and volume so need to convert o May be in KJ so must convert to Jolues o q=Cp(heat capacity)∆T o Q's must = o (law of conservation of energy) o-qcal=qrxn o Q's for phase change, change in temp (something absorbing or giving off), mixing, or heat of reaction...
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