Chapter 15 Equilibrium

Chapter 15 Equilibrium - o Instead of adding multipy k's...

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Chapter 15-Equilibrium Le' Chatelier o Ignore solids! o When add something it shifts to opposite side o When take something away it shifts to same side o Increase volume shifts towards larger o Decrease volume shifts towards smaller o Opposite for pressure o Endo shifts towards endo o Exo shifts towards exo Hess's Law o Similar with q's o This time square or take root o Also 1/k instead of -
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Unformatted text preview: o Instead of adding multipy k's • Kp o Kp= Kc (Rt)^∆n o Look at how moles change from products to reactants • Q o Not sure if at equilibrium o Q>K favors products o Q<k favors reactants • K o Equilibrium constant o Products/reactants o Make sure to raise to power of coefficient o Use ice tables to find concentrations at equilibrium...
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