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Chapter 18 Complex Ions

Chapter 18 Complex Ions - o Two compounds given and must...

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Chapter 18- Complex Ions and their Principles Solubility o Involves compound dissociating into ions o Starts with solid o Only products, just like a K Will it Precipitate o Compare Q's and K's o Q is less than K-->no o Q greater--> yes o Must Find Q using two concentrations o One given, the other must be found o To find use backwards reaction. Ion + ion--> compound o Then apply moles o Use stiochiometry if products 0 o Then use ice table. o This will help you find concentration of ion o Then use to determine Q and compare Mixing of two compounds
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Unformatted text preview: o Two compounds given and must write dissociation for both. Compound--> ion + ion o Then apply sort of hess's law o Get rid of acid/base by multiplying or reversing o If multiply= square o If reverse use reciprocral o Then add reactions together o Get a k total by multiplying o Then use ICE table to find a concentration that is wanted • Note o If 0 is on unfavored side you must first use stiochiometry o Look at K to determine this • Activities o Multiply by...
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