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aero_ex - D plot(V,L'g hold on plot(V,D'b p...

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rho = .002378; %slug/ft3 alpha = 10; S = 36; V = 0:150; V_fps = V*5280; V CL = [4.47e-5 1.15e-3 6.66e-2 1.02e-1]; CD = [5.75e-6 5.09e-4 1.81e-4 1.25e-2]; C L = .5*rho*polyval(CL, alpha)*S*V_fps.^2; D = .5*rho*polyval(CD, alpha)*S*V_fps.^2;
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Unformatted text preview: D plot(V,L, 'g'); hold on; plot(V,D, 'b'); p xlabel('Velocity (mph)'); ylabel('Lift/Drag (lbf)'); title('Lift and Drag vs. Velocity'); legend('lift', 'drag');...
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