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Unformatted text preview: uot;%lf", &principle ); printf( "Enter the annual interest rate: " ); scanf( "%lf", &rate ); Example Program: Compound Interest printf( "\n%4s%21s\n", "Year", "Amount in account" ); 18 19 for ( year = 1 ; year <= 10 ; year++ ) { 20 amount = principle * pow( 1.0 + rate, year ); 21 printf( "%4d%21.2f\n", year, amount ); 22 } 23 24 return 0; /* indicate that program ended successfully */ 25 26 27 } /* end function main */ Temperature Conversion For some people (like Canadians) it is difficult to get used to using some US units of measurement. For example, they always have to convert temperature readings from ˚F to units that make much more sense, like ˚C. Consider a library, defined in “conv_lib.h” that has functions that performs conversions. Use the function FtoC() to print a conversion chart that displays the converted temperature over a specified range and interval. Develop an appropriate algor...
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