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Out i j k l m is is is is is 0000003 1000000 0000001

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Unformatted text preview: f", i %f", j %f", k %f", l %f\n", ); ); ); ); m ); return 0; /* indicate that program ended successfully */ } /* end function main */ Example Program Output Output for program on previous page: % a.out i j k l m % is is is is is 0.000003 1.000000 0.000001 -0.000003 230000.000000 Math Function Example Processes like burning coal result in the emission of sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere. Sulfuric acid is formed as a result and the resulting acid rain can damage the environment. The acidity of rain and lakes is measured using pH = − log10 (C ) where C is the concentration of hydronium ions in the water. A pH value of 7 indicates a neutral value, while levels below 7 indicate an acid and above 7 an alkaline or base. Math Function Example Algorithm: • input hydronium ion concentration • calculate pH • display results Hand calculation…consider input C = .0001 (mol/litre) pH = − log10 (.0001) = 4 Example Program: Compound Interest An investor plans to invest an amount of money p in an account with interest r (compounded...
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