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Programming Assignment 0 ENGR 3, Summer Session B 2006 Due: Wednesday, August 9, 2006 5:00 PM Part A. Get yourself a College of Engineering account by clicking on the link on the class webpage. Email for this course will be sent to that account. If you would like your email forwarded to another account, make sure to enter that account when you register for your COE account. Part B. Download and install Putty on your computer at home (you won’t need this if you use a Mac).
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Unformatted text preview: Verify that you can log in to your COE account from home (the host name is linux.engr.ucsb.edu). Part C. Create a directory in your account called ENGR3 by issuing the command: prompt% mkdir ENGR3 Copy the file hw0.c into this directory by issuing the command: prompt% cp ~engr3/hw0.c ENGR3/hw0.c Switch into your ENGR3 directory by issuing the command: prompt% cd ENGR3 Part D Turn in this program by 5:00 PM on 8/9/2006 using the command: prompt% turnin hw0@engr3 hw0.c...
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