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INSTRUCTORS SYLLABUS LECTURE NOTES ASSIGNMENTS USEFUL LINKS Engineering 3 Introduction to C Programming and Matlab Computing is an important skill for modern scientists and engineers. Even the capabilities of current notebook computers allow the modeling and simulation of complex phenomna. This course is designed to teach the fundamentals of programming and the skills necessary to use the computer to effectively solve engineering problems. The general purpose programming language C and the scientifc computing package Matlab will be introduced, along with the Linux operating system. Announcements 09/08/06 Get the final review here . 09/07/06 Assignment 5 posted. Due Sept. 11 09/05/06 Download Midterm solutions here . 09/04/06
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Unformatted text preview: MATLAB final will be Sept. 13, in class. 09/04/06 Some useful MATLAB links added. 08/31/06 Assignment 4 posted. Due Sept. 5 08/23/06 Get the midterm review here . 08/23/06 revised Assignment 3 posted. 08/22/06 Assignment 3 posted. Due August 28. 08/15/06 Brendon's office hours moved to Thursday (this week only) 08/15/06 C midterm will be August 29th, in class. 08/14/06 Lecture notes 5 and Assignment 2 posted. 08/13/06 Most people should have accounts by now. Email me if you are still waiting. 08/10/06 Lecture notes 3 & 4 posted. 08/08/06 Lecture notes 1 & 2 posted. 08/07/06 Welcome to Engr3! Assignment 0 and 1 posted. This page was last updated 08 September 2006...
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