lecture - sixes.c , example of generating random numbers...

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INSTRUCTORS SYLLABUS LECTURE NOTES ASSIGNMENTS USEFUL LINKS RETURN TO MAIN Engineering 3 Lecture Notes Look for frequent updates as the day's lecture notes are added to this page. Lecture 1 , Introduction, Engineering and Computers Lecture 2 , Intro to programming, C Lecture 3 ,Variables, I/O, decision making Lecture 4 , More if statements, sample problem wind_tunnel , sample problem wind_tunnel.c , solution Lecture 5 , Algorithms, loops & stuff average1.c average2.c tally.c Lecture 6 , Fun with for weather_balloon.pdf , in class problem weather_balloon.c , solution Lecture 7 , Function intro acid1.c conv_lib.h conv_lib.o conversion.c Lecture 8 , Fun with Functions conversion2.c , celsius to fahrenheit converter cruise.c , cruising speed of airplane
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Unformatted text preview: sixes.c , example of generating random numbers Lecture 9 , I Love Arrays dice.c survey.c Lecture 10 , Arrays of arrays array_init.c histogram.c string.c Lecture 11 , Final elements of arrays pass_array.c bubble.c linear.c 2darray1.c Lecture 12 , C the end class.c Lecture 13 , Review and MatLab intro Lecture 14 Some MatLab. .. Lecture 15 ...more MatLab Lecture 16 Vectors and matricies aero_ex.m Lecture 17 Functions and plotting Lecture 18 Transcendentals and Finding Areas transcendental1.m transcendental2.m transcendental3.m transcendental4.m area1.m This page was last updated 06 September 2006...
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lecture - sixes.c , example of generating random numbers...

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