obama's laws - #1 U.S. Healthcare Reform HuffingtonPost.com...

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#1 U.S. Healthcare Reform HuffingtonPost.com states that the U.S. Healthcare Reform was signed into legislation March 23, 2010. The $938 billion overhaul extending coverage for 32 million uninsured American. For example Young adults can be covered by their parents until 27 on their insurance plans and chain restaurants are required to provide “Nutrient content disclosure statement” is just a few things this reform brings to the table. The reform has many advantages to a lot of people. It will help a lot of elderly people, sick people with pre- existing conditions and people that have low income. There are a lot of disadvantages with the reform such as certain things not being available until 2013 or 2014.This reform impacted my life in different ways, such as I’m a young adult who can now be impacted by this reform. In my opinion a lot of people believe that a lot of people who are receiving these benefits should not have them because they did not work to receive them, they were just given out. I believe that people deserve these new rights and reforms that they are receiving. #2 Federal Hate Crimes The Washingtonpost.Com talks about the 98 slain of a Gay college student in Wyoming who was killed because he was gay. The news made Democrats pledge to broaden the defense of hate crimes. Obama
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obama's laws - #1 U.S. Healthcare Reform HuffingtonPost.com...

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