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Relationship Strategies A relationship, in my life, that I would strenghthen would be the relationship between me and my fiance. We met after my divorce in 2007 and have been by each others side, as much as we are able to, ever since. He is in prison and has been for the last 2 years and may be unable to come home to us even if he does get out. This is due to being charged a level III sex offender, 15 years ago when he was a minor. He has had no new sex charges since, but they still say he is likely to re-offend. I have children that are not his and to be able to have the family life we want, we would have to do a lot of work to get it due to him most likely not being able to be around children once he gets out. First, we would need to get him a good parole plan and while he is in there, he would need to get his GED, get some treatment, go through classes and get new tests and evaluations done. Then we would need to go through classes and treatments together when he gets out. I would need to get a job and
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