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Capstone Discussion Question - Capstone Discussion Question...

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Capstone Discussion Question. I really liked this course as a lot of my assignments I was able to use no references and pull everything right straight out of my head and it felt very good to me. This class was fun and I would like to take more like it in the future. This course has made me see things more realistically. What can we do about things in which we cannot change? Not stress about the things we cannot change, but change the things we can. This course has helped me to find effective ways in managing negative situations. I have learned that it is better to be positive and think positive. It is healthier to think and be positive than negative as well. In relation to my personal belief system, the course teaches how to use your belief in a more positive essence. Just because I feel very strongly about a certain situation does not mean I should not listen to other people’s beliefs, suggestions, input, etc. We all have something in which we either believe in and others don’t or we feel a certain way about something yet others around us feel the opposite. There will
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