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A Tale of Hope and Bravery by Jaymee D. Oclarit Brisingr is the ingenious creation of Christopher Paolini’s extraordinary and imaginative mind. It is the third of the supposedly Inheritance trilogy turned Inheritance cycle because of so many revelations and oh so exciting adventures left unturned that needed to be satiated. The story opens as Eragon, a dragon rider, avenges the death of his uncle and helps his cousin, Roran, rescues Katrina, Roran’s fiancée, from King Galbatorix’s dungeons. As Eragon continues to fight for the Varden, rebels against the King, he has many more troubles to face, including his own brother, a dragon rider for the King. With his life always in danger, Eragon faces a new shade, a being comprised of multiple evil spirits; he helps the Varden take over a city with a ruler who has sworn loyalty to Galbatorix; and he helps elect a new dwarf king. As Eragon fights for the kingdom’s freedom, he slowly learns more about his heritage. Inheritance cycle is one of my most favorite books and I admit to be addicted to it. I actually reread all of it
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