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BM101_smi_tut_exercise_May10 - MCQ

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MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS: 1) Your company decides to use internal sources for developing new product ideas. Which of the following would NOT be consulted? A) executives and professionals B) company records and data C) intrapreneurial programs D) suppliers E) salespeople 2) Which of the following is perhaps the most important external source of new-product ideas? A) engineers B) customers C) competitors D) trade magazines, shows, and seminars E) distributors and suppliers 3) Which of the following is NOT a recommended method for companies to tap into their customers as sources for new-product ideas? A) analyzing customer complaints and questions B) relying heavily on customers to know what types of technical products they need C) working alongside customers to get ideas and suggestions D) turning customers into cocreators E) putting customer-created products on the market 4) An attractive idea must be developed into a ________. A) product idea B) product concept C) product image D) test market E) product strategy 5) ________ calls for testing new-product concepts with groups of target consumers. A) Concept development B) Concept testing C) Idea generation D) Idea screening E) Test marketing
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6) ________ is the product life cycle period when sales fall off and profits drop. A) Introduction B) Growth C) Maturity D) Decline E) Development 7) Increasing profits will most likely occur at which stage of the PLC? A) introduction B) maturity C) growth D) decline E) product development 8) Apple's iPod has been called "one of the greatest consumer electronics hits of all time." More than 120 million iPods have been sold, and the iPod captures more than 70 percent of the music player market. This success has attracted many large, resourceful competitors. The iPod is in the
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BM101_smi_tut_exercise_May10 - MCQ

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