September 24 Modernization

September 24 Modernization - Nature of Colonial Society...

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September 24, 2007 Nature of Colonial Society Economic Institutions Indigenous Enterprise Family Farming vs. Plantations (owned by company) Indigenous Labor Practices Indentured Servitude Taxation Missions Provided Medical Assistance, primary school, and increased sanitation standards Biggest starters of education Afforded protection to many minority of stigmatized groups Championed the rights of the natives Committed to changing indigenous culture Government More administrative than political legislature/passing of laws not as important enforcement was the most important part collecting taxes, keep order Often worked side-by-side or in conjunction with the indigenous system of law one set of laws for indigenous/one set of laws for foreigners created problem of who governed who, which laws applied to whom Social Services train tracks, public service buildings, etc. The European Community Diversity and conflict of interest among groups i.e.—Germany, who lost all their colonies after WWII, were forced to leave colonies Survival depended on a united front Euros brought same systems to colonies (i.e.—class system, exclusivity, etc.) Reproduced European society wherever they settled colonial societies didn’t know what to do with these people
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September 24 Modernization - Nature of Colonial Society...

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