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CS61A Notes 15 – Logic Is What Logic Declares Logic To Be [Solutions v1.0] Lists Again (and again, and again, and again, and again…  Someone changed the Matrix!) QUESTIONS 1. Write a rule for  car  of list.  For example,  (car (1 2 3 4) ?x)  would have  ?x  bound to  1 . (rule (car (?car . ?cdr) ?car)) 2. Write a rule for  cdr  of list.  For example,  (cdr (1 2 3) ?y)  would have  ?y  bound to  (2 3) . (rule (cdr (?car . ?cdr) ?cdr)) 3. Using the above, write a query that would bind  ?x  to the  car  of  my-list .  Write another query  that would bind  ?y  to the  cdr  of  my-list . The temptation is to write (car my-list ?x) or (cdr my-list ?y). This doesn’t work! There is no entry in the database whose first element is “car” and whose second element is the word “my-list”. If you did that, you’re thinking in the old Scheme way – that some “evaluator” will see my-list as a symbol and substitute in (1 2 3 4). This will not happen, since my-list isn’t a variable! What you have to do is this: (and (my-list ?ls) (car ?ls ?x)) First, we match ?ls to be (1 2 3 4), and then match ?x to be 1. 4. Define our old friend,  member , so that  (member 4 (1 2 3 4 5))  would be satisfied, and  (member 3 (4 5 6))  would not, and  (member 3 (1 2 (3 4) 5))  would not. (rule (member ?item (?item . ?cdr))) (rule (member ?item (?car . ?cdr)) (member ?item ?cdr)) 5. Define its cousin,  deep-member , so that  (deep-member 3 (1 2 (3 4) 5))  would be satisfied  as well. (rule (deep-member ?item (?item . ?cdr))) (rule (deep-member ?item (?car . ?cdr)) (deep-member ?item ?car)) (rule (deep-member ?item (?car . ?cdr)) (deep-member ?item ?cdr)) Note how ?item can either be in ?car or ?cdr, so we need three rules. 6. Define another old friend,  reverse , so that  (reverse (1 2 3) (3 2 1))  would be satisfied. (rule (reverse () ()))
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