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Winter Syllabus - INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION Communication...

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INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION COURSE DESCRIPTION (catalog): This course deals with basic characteristics of the processes underlying the formation, maintenance and termination of interpersonal relationships. In addition, the theoretical and practical implications of these characteristics in various forms of interpersonal communication will be examined. The companion workshop (110W) provides planned activities and exercises designed to develop particular interpersonal communication skills. COURSE GOALS: In this course we will probe a number of interpersonal issues that appear, on the surface, to defy scientific investigation. We will ask and answer questions such as the following: Why are some people lonely and others "naturally" popular? Why are we attracted to some individuals and not others? Are there strategic ways we can get others to like us? Why do people disengage from relationships? How do you know when your relationship is in trouble? What are some "fair" fighting strategies we can use with others? Why do women and men seem to have so much trouble talking to each other? What propels us in and out of relationships? These questions and others will guide our discussions throughout the semester. We will attempt to isolate those communication variables that contribute to our growth of interpersonal relationships in our efforts to understand and adapt to our encounters with others -- at home, in the office, and during social engagements. PREREQUISITES:
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Winter Syllabus - INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATION Communication...

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