12 - Differential Social Organization and Association Theory

12 - Differential Social Organization and Association...

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Unformatted text preview: Sutherland Sutherland • Differential Association Differential (Micro and Meso) (Micro • Differential Social Differential Organization (Macro) Organization Symbolic Interactionism and Structural Functionalism Structural Functionalism Functionalism • • • Parsons building on Durkheim Society as social system Functions, dysfunctions, and Functions, equilibrium equilibrium • Micro and macro levels Micro connected by system of roles that reflect norms and values that Symbolic Interactionism Symbolic • Mead and Blumer • Social order constantly Social emerges out of and is shaped by human interaction based on symbols. on • Social order in turn shapes Social interaction. interaction. Symbolic Interactionism Symbolic Interaction (based on symbols) | Assignment of Meaning to Assignment Symbols Symbols | Human Action (reflective of Human meanings assigned) Symbolic Interactionism Symbolic • • • Mutual role-taking Self (looking glass self -- Cooley) Generalized other – seeing Generalized yourself as you envisage others seeing you based on your interpretation of shared meanings and societal norms meanings Sutherland Sutherland Differential Social Differential Organization Organization versus Social Disorganization Sutherland Sutherland Differential Association Propositions Policy Implications of Sutherland’s Theory Sutherland’s Critique of Sutherland Critique • Glaser – Differential Glaser identification identification • Testability (concepts) • Definitions / associations as Definitions cause or effect of deviance? cause • Priority or recency of assoc. • Learning model outdated • Differential social organization Differential underdeveloped as a concept underdeveloped ...
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