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14 - Neutralization and Drift Theory

14 neutralization and drift theory

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Unformatted text preview: Neutralization and Drift Theory Neutralization • • • • • Learning Theory Learning Control Theory Classical Theory Symbolic Interactionism Soft Determinism Matza’s Critique of Positivism Matza’s • Overly deterministic and Overly failure to see deterministic factors as situational factors • False assumption of False fundamental differences between offenders and nonbetween offenders Positivism’s Problems Positivism’s • Inability to account for aging Inability out out • Embarrassment of riches Major Concepts Major 1. Techniques of 1. Neutralization Neutralization Neutralization Techniques Neutralization • • • • • Denial of responsibility Denial of injury Denial of victim Condemnation of condemners Appeal to higher loyalties Major Concepts Major 2. Subterranean Values Major Concepts Major 3. Drift Moral Constraints Behavior Behavior |--------------------------||----------------| |--------------------------||----------------| Conformity Conformity Nonco...
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