14 - Neutralization and Drift Theory

Mood of fatalism matza and policy stronger moral

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Unformatted text preview: nformity Nonconformity Major Concepts Major 4. Mood of fatalism Matza and Policy • Stronger moral constraints • Move away from tendency Move toward neutralizations toward • Greater sense of control over Greater environment environment Critique of Matza Critique • Do delinquents have Do conventional value systems? conventional • Neutralization before or after Neutralization delinquent action delinquent • Difficult to test (positivists) Katz - Seductions of Crime Katz Background Variables vs. Foreground or Situational Foreground Variables Variables Crime as transcending moral Crime challenge challenge Topalli – When Being Good is Bad Good Neutralization allows people Neutralization with conventional values to neutralize unconventional action. It also permits those with unconventional values to neutralize conventional action....
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