15 - Control Theories

Exercise excessive control compared with that to

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Unformatted text preview: erson can a. exercise too little control compared with that to which they are exposed are b. Control surplus – person can b. exercise excessive control compared with that to which they are exposed are Sequence (continued) Sequence 2. Provocation is experienced - Provocation is episodic and Provocation situational. situational. - Debasement and humiliation Debasement are key emotions. are Sequence (continued) Sequence 3. Motivation toward deviance Sequence (continued) Sequence 4. Motivation may or may not result in 4. actual deviance. Whether it does, depends on the interaction among four variables. four a. Control ratio b. Opportunities c. Constraints d. Self-control Control Balance Desirability Continuum Continuum High More serious & impersonal acts acts Low...
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  • Fall '08
  • Dr.KevinMinor
  • Social control theory, Hirschi Critique, Recognize deviance deviance, Outer/external containments containments

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