COR850_5 - O bje c t 1 Substance Abuse Treatment for...

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Unformatted text preview: O bje c t 1 Substance Abuse Treatment for Offenders Hello and welcome back. Thus far, we have discussed general principles of effective correctional intervention. This week, I want to discuss how these principles apply to a particular type of treatment -- substance abuse treatment for offenders. Statistics reflect a clear link between drugs and crime. According to the Arrestee Drug Abuse Monitoring program, 41-86 % of adult arrestees across 39 sites tested positive for some type of drug in 2003. Moreover, 24-55% of adult arrestees reported symptoms indicating that they were at risk of substance dependence. A study of felons on probation reported that 70 percent reported past drug use, 50% were under the influence at the time of the offense, and 17% had received some type of treatment in the past. These statistics, and studies on predictors of crime, suggest that substance abuse is a prominent criminogenic need that must be addressed. Substance abuse increases the risk of criminal behavior by interfering with skill development, reducing inhibitions, and increasing exposure to antisocial peers who also use or sell drugs. It is estimated that offenders who are using drugs are involved in three to five times more crime non-drug users. This knowledge, and the violence associated with the drug trade, contributed to the war on drugs and other tough on crime policies. Unfortunately, these policies led to more punitive responses to drug-involved offenders on crime policies....
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COR850_5 - O bje c t 1 Substance Abuse Treatment for...

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