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Research Assignment #1: Constructing Knowledge about The Principles of Effective Classification As a class, we are going to develop a Wiki-based paper that provides an overview of the principles of effective classification and describes sample assessment instruments. Each of you are required to complete two tasks: 1) depending on your assignment, either a) prepare an introduction to the overall paper or for the risk, need, or responsivity principle for inclusion in the class Wiki; OR b) conduct research on a specific type of assessment instrument, and teach your peers about what you learned through the construction of a Wiki page. 2) review at least two of your peers entries and provide feedback, ask questions, etc. Your Assignment Before you begin, click on “assignment,” “research assignment #1,” and “groups” on your course menu to view your assignment. If you have been assigned to prepare an introduction: 1. Treat the question(s) that appears beside your name as a subheading in a paper,
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researchAssignment1 - Research Assignment#1 Constructing...

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