Aviation Security

Aviation Security - AviationSecurity MyOpinion: 1.

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Aviation Security My Opinion: 1.  The nature of aviation makes it difficult/impossible to safeguard 2. Much progress has been made but weaknesses remain 3. Foreign Policy is the key to protection Discussion: 1. Nature of Aviation a. 97 carriers, 650MM passengers, 506 major airports, 1,000 screening points, 2.5B  handheld and checked bags b. Commercial aviation, general aviation, air cargo complexity c. Ability and resources to implement detection technologies is limited d. Economics i. Cost ii. Just-in-time delivery of goods e. Inconvenience and delay to people f. Easy accessibility to airports g. Aviation is telecommunication-dependent h. Inter-connections with foreign airlines. i. No international authority over all air travel. 2. Do the post 9/11 systems work? a. GAO report: guns bombs and dynamite eluded screeners 25% of the time at 32  major airports.
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b. Machines not good enough? i.
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Aviation Security - AviationSecurity MyOpinion: 1.

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