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World Citizen Research Project 1)-World Issues -A world citizen must thoroughly understand and respect the principles of religious beliefs different from his/hers, as certain communities way of life is based on their religious beliefs and understanding the way people live helps ease integration and avoid conflicts. Example: War between Christians and Muslims Quotation:? -A world citizen must also be concerned with issues such as famine/hunger happening anywhere in the world. Thousands of children from poor countries die due to the lack of food and water. Example: Famine in Ethiopia in 80s Quotation: -A world citizen must be concerned with global warming (Example and quotation), Extinction of endangered species (Example and quotation) -A world citizen must be willing to protest against any injustice done to any community Example: Native Americans who slaughtered by conquerors
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Unformatted text preview: Quotation: 2)Government-A world citizen must respect the choice of political system of any country as long as it does go against the laws of civil rights (Example and quotation)-A world citizen must abide to the laws of a political system Example: In Iran, women are required to wear the veil. Quotation: 3)Social Values:-A world citizen accept that the world is home to people with different social and cultural background as well as moral values the understanding of which is crucial to avoid the violation and transgression of people’s rules. That way, he wont impose his social values to others. Example. Al-Qaeda are involved in a lot of terrorist attacks because of their misunderstanding of the American culture Quotation:-A world citizen must learn about other cultures Example: Islam is associated with terrorism, which is wrong. Quotation:...
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