Assignment - What trends have you seen in your current or...

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Assignment: Business Communication Trends XCOM/285 Samantha Rossi July 22, 2010
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What role does business communication play in your day-to-day work activities? I think that business communication is one of the most important pats of a job. Employees must communicate to plan products and services. Communication is the way employees deal with each other to get work done. In my last job I had to have great business communication because I had to deal with customers face to face. I had to help vendors to tell them what could be ordered or not ordered for the store. How does it help you manage your daily activities? I think that having good business communication help to build a customer base that will be regulars in my store. When I am dealing with the vendors I think that it also helps if you let them bring in a little more stuff into the store make them want to keep our business and they will be more willing to come in when we need to be stocked on an item when it is not time for them to come again.
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Unformatted text preview: What trends have you seen in your current or previous workplace? Well the trend that I have seen in my old work place is that we try to keep up with every other store as far as cloths and food. For example we let coke and Pepsi compete with the items they sell in our store. We also started selling money orders to get more customers. I think that by doing these things we can keep up with other businesses by having the entire item for a cheaper price make customers want to come to our store first. What message types are results of these trends? I think the message type is that we are out to make more money than the stores we have by us. By this I mean we keep our pricing lower than other stores. We will also match the price if you find it cheaper at another store just to keep and get customers. Our gas is usually the cheapest on my side of town so I think the message is great customer service and great prices make the store money and keeps us all happy....
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Assignment - What trends have you seen in your current or...

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