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Scientific Method 1 Running Head: Scientific Method Scientific Method Katt Gonzales July 24, 2010 Axia College Tamara Allen
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Scientific Method 2 The Method The scientific method in which data is compiled as well as evidence; the information is compiled through experiments and observations which is a big part of science. Additionally, the hypothesis will need to be tested to see if it is true, false or partially true. These different steps make up the scientific method. When a hypothesis is thought of there are experiments in which need to be thought of as well to test out the hypothesis. The experiments can prove the hypothesis or prove the hypothesis to be false or partially true. What we look for though is for the experiments to be true. This can bring about much true truth to other truths within other hypothesis’ that have been observed and tested. The Observation The observation that was conducted from the website came to this for the scientific method. The observation of a plant; have you ever observed a plant near a window? Ever notice how it grows towards the window? Therefore the question would be: Why does a plant grow or lean towards the computer? The Hypothesis: what could be the reason why the plant grows and/ or leans toward the window? It is common
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scientific method - Scientific Method 1 Running Head:...

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