Summary_Ch03 - wondered about Moores Law? Chapter 3...

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© 2008, Laureate Higher Education Group, Inc. - 1 - Week 1 Chapter 3 Summary You will now hear a summary of Chapter 3. This is a summary of Chapter 3 from the textbook Introduction to Information Systems written by O’Brien and Marakas and published by McGraw-Hill/Irwin Publishers. Chapter 3 begins with an overview of the historical perspective of computer hardware. From the reading, you will learn about methods of calculating in the pre-computer era, discover the inventions of Blaise Pascal, Charles Babbage, and Herman Hollerith. The chapter takes you through a chronological timeline of the generations of computer technologies, and it outlines the different types of computer systems. As you read the Real World Case 1, think about the benefits and challenges that an organization faces when it increases connectivity by equipping its employees with wireless mobile devices. Another section of the chapter focuses on hardware components and functions. Have you ever
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Unformatted text preview: wondered about Moores Law? Chapter 3 describes Moores Law for you and offers a diagram to help you understand the concept. The chapter describes in detail computer peripherals, such as pointing devices, touch screens, pen-based computing, and speech recognition and optical scanning packages and supports the discussion with examples. Output devices and storage methods are other content items discussed in Chapter 3. When you read about radio frequency identification or (RFID), consider ways you may already use this technology in your regular 2008, Laureate Higher Education Group, Inc.- 2-activities. What does the future hold for computer technology? Read a collection of predictions at the end of the chapter. This concludes the summary of Chapter 3....
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Summary_Ch03 - wondered about Moores Law? Chapter 3...

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