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exam3-cover - AMS 311(Fall 2009 Joe Mitchell PROBABILITY...

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AMS 311 (Fall, 2009) Joe Mitchell PROBABILITY THEORY Exam 3 Thursday, December 17, 2009 READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. Do not start the exam until told to do so. Make certain that you have all 6 pages (including this cover sheet) of the exam. You will be held responsible for any missing pages. Write your answers on this examination, using the backs of pages if needed. Separate pages of scratch paper are available if you need it. There may be problems that are solvable by inspection, but if you get the wrong answer and have shown no work, then I will assign NO partial credit. You do not need to evaluate arithmetic expressions or integrals, if they are fully speci±ed. For example, leave (2 + 3 + 4 + ··· + 100) ( 23 5 ) + 9 i =3 ( 12 i ) (0 . 8) i 10! 3!4!3! × 5! in exactly this form, and you can leave i 0 . 5 0 i 1 - x x x 2 e y dydx in this form This examination is CLOSED BOOK and CLOSED NOTES. You may use a calculator, but you should not need it, since you do not have to evaluate numerical expressions. CELL PHONES must be OFF (NOT on vibrate alert), and put out of sight
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