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Unformatted text preview: Unit FiveMusic in the Romantic Period Time Frame: July 9 th July 22 nd I. Kamien Text Reading Assignments A. The Romantic Period Kamien Text Reading Assignments: 1. Re-read Ludwig van Beethoven from the Classical Period portion of the text (pp. 193-205). [ Beethoven is atransitional composer whose later works transcended the Classical Period style and introduced elements that helped begin the thrust toward Romanticism. ] 2. The Romantic Period (Time Line and Introduction) (pp. 207212) 3. Chapters required (does not include ALL Romantic period chapters): 1. Romanticism in Music (1820-1900) (pp. 213-217) 2. Romantic Composers and Their Public (pp. 217-219) 3. The Art Song (pp. 219-220) 4. Franz Schubert [ Frahnz Shoo-burt ] (pp. 220-225) 5. Robert Schumann [ Shoo-mahn ] (pp. 225-228) 6. Clara Wieck Schumann [ Week Shoo-mahn ] (pp. 228-230) 7. Frdric Chopin [ Show-pan ] (pp. 231-235) 8. Franz Liszt (pp. 236-239) 9. Felix Mendelssohn [ Mehn-dul-son ] (pp. 239-245)] (pp....
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Unit_Five_Timeline--Music_in_the_Romanti - Unit FiveMusic...

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