HW 3 Questions - 1 ECE 408 HOMEWORK #3 (CH. 13) FILTER...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 ECE 408 HOMEWORK #3 (CH. 13) FILTER DESIGN AND ANALYSIS TOOL (FDATool) OF MATLAB 7 Open MATLAB 7 . (Start → All Programs → MATLAB 7) Click Start in the lower left corner of MATLAB window (This is not the Start of MS Windows). Then select Toolboxes fi Signal Processing fi Filter Design & Analysis Tool (FDA Tool). Filter Design & Analysis Tool window pops up. Choose Filter Type: Lowpass Design Method: IIR, Butterworth Filter Order: Minimum order Window Specifications: (For FIR filters) Frequency Specifications Units: Hz Fs (sampling rate): 8000 F pass (passband cutoff frequency): 1500 F stop (stopband cutoff frequency): 2000 Magnitude Specifications Units: dB A pass (maximum loss in the passband): 2 A stop (minimum loss in the stopband): 35 Click on Design Filter . Click the icons on top to see Filter Specifications Magnitude Response Phase Response Magnitude and Phase Response Group Delay Impulse Response Step Response Pole/Zero Plot Filter Coefficients To copy the plots to Word, View fi Filter Visualization Tool . Another window pops up. Click Edit fi Copy Figure . Open Word. Click Edit fi Paste . Resize the figure. Filter Realization After the completion of filter design, click on the icon called Realize Model (the first button on the lower left corner of the FDA Tool window). Double click inside the filter block. The detailed filter realization diagram shows up. This is the cascade...
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HW 3 Questions - 1 ECE 408 HOMEWORK #3 (CH. 13) FILTER...

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