December 10 The Future of the Third World

December 10 The Future of the Third World - How the Third...

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December 10, 2007 The Future of the Third World Progress Literacy rates/educational attainment (formal education) number of children who attend primary school and possibly university has increased Better medical care Increased life expectancy Decreased infant mortality Lower percentage of people in absolute poverty Micro-level economic solutions The “success” stories Parts of Latin America and Southeast Asia Higher numbers of (at least) ideologically democratic countries Greater personal autonomy and action Increased Women’s rights Constraints on the Growth of 3 rd World Countries IMF and Structural Adjustment Policies Debt Dependency Instability Unequal terms of trade Ethnic conflict and cultural clashes Human rights violations Political corruption Inequality Population growth Environmental destruction Gender issues/fertility HIV/AIDS Multinational Corporations
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Unformatted text preview: How the Third World is Changing the Rest of the World Resources Very few to no natural resources in first world Environment We must always be concerned with the third world’s environment because the resources we use from them depend on the environment Religion Religious development has an impact on everyone Future of Christianity lies in the third world Growth of the semi-periphery Population growth Immigration/Refugees What needs to happen? How will change occur in the Third World? What can/should the industrialized countries do to help facilitate change? FINAL EXAME In class lectures from politics (10/22) to today Lewellen pages 125-254 Hawkesworth and Obermeyer articles 75 Questions: Multiple Choice and True/False Thursday December 20, 12-3 pm in same room...
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December 10 The Future of the Third World - How the Third...

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