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here's my "mean text" :Hey Michael Lin. You're a really shady person. You don't think that i should know that you were jessica's date for her formals. Do you think it's better that I find out for myself? Not only that, you hung out with her this week also. You obviously like her somewhat and you told me that she likes you too. So maybe you guys should date officially because youre a single man. I don't want to fight with her for your love. I shouldn't have to bc I've been an awesome gf towards you for more than 3 years. Im such a sweetheart but You know what? You can fuck her in the ass and have a relationship with her. I don't care anymore. I don't want your sympathy. (12:16:08 AM): If you wanna be with me like you told me so many times then you wouldn't have agreed to be her date. You are a selfish. You cannot have the best of both worlds. If you want to leave me for Jessica then go ahead. I'll make your life easier by letting go so you won't
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Unformatted text preview: have to feel so guilty if you two happens to date. I've been there for you through thick and thin even when you were treating me like im nothing when we broke up in austin. After we got back I still treated you with respect and gave you my all. Yet this is how you treat me. (12:16:58 AM): last one. ..You're retarded to leave me for Jessica. You said I was the bestest thing that happened to you, that i was important to you and that you still wanna be with me. You said that youre not leavig me for someone else? Bullshit. You're an effing liar. I think you're happier without me so i will leave. Good job! You just fuckin lost the bestest thing that happened to you. Have a wonderful life without me and a new start with Jessica. Dont suppress your feelings for jessica bc you feel sorry for me. Pleasee don't feel Sorry for me. Again I dont neeed your charity. Ill leave you alone with your new chick. I wont ever bother you again. Good bye Michael Lin!...
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