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Test3pg3 - a Rough design sketches b An example of a...

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Unformatted text preview: a. Rough design sketches b. An example of a nonscenic material used 9 in scene design 24. Thumbnail sketches I)? c. Detailed design sketches 25. Renderings C/ d. Revolutionized the design process True/False a. True b. False i’ 26. Historical accuracy is the guiding principle in costume design. T27. The audience usually does not distinguish a costume from the performer who wears it. P 28. The designer often chooses costumes that cause misleading first impressions of characters. T 29. The main characters should be dressed differently than the minor ones in order to direct the audience’s focus. 1-: 30. Costume designers are responsible for built costumes, not pulled ones. T 31. Makeup is a part of costume. Multiple Choice: 32. Wh is the most important function of lighting? a. Visibility b. Mood c. Style d. Focus 33. Stage lighting that appears to come from lamps onstage would be used in what kind of production? a. Melancholy b. Comedic Cc) Realistic d. Nonrealistic 34. Which of the following is not used in lighting to indicate time of day or year in a production? a. Brightness/Color b. Angle Movement 35. Wh is the first step of the design process for the lighting designer? a. Meeting with the director ...
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