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READING STUDY GUIDE FOR Growing Links in Energy and Geopolitics by Mehmet Ogutcu and Xin Ma A PDF of Growing Links in Energy and Geopolitics: Between China, Russia, Central Asia, and the Gulf” is posted in Week 5 folder What is the consequence of China being at the center of the “Pan-Asian Global Energy Bridge”? (p.2) Control the gas oil going around Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and Mid-east, china will be able to control that region. Japan used to be in control, but now China controls the supply of oil and gas to Asia. They are building the bridge, be less independent on the sea roots from Iran and Russia. Countries on the east must be friendly with China to access their pipelines. 70-80% of China’s oil and gas through sea routes. Malacca delimma… What are the four changes in today’s world energy? (p.3-4) 1)Position themselves for political and economical powers with the use of mercantilism to benefit themselves. 2)U.S. risks to vulnerable and unstable needs of energy, U.S. will need to be more
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