McBride Every Thanksgiving Turns into a pie Fight

McBride Every Thanksgiving Turns into a pie Fight -...

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McBride, Every Thanksgiving Turns into a pie Fight, WSJ, Nov. 2009. “Every Thanksgiving Turns Into a Pie Fight at Mommie Helen's. Bakery With Upper- Crust Clientele Adds A Bouncer to Keep Order, Deter Pastry Scalpers.” By SARAH MCBRIDE COLTON, Calif. -- Last year, on the day before Thanksgiving, customers of Dorothy Pryor Rose's bakery who had been waiting in line for hours to buy her famous pies began shoving and shouting. While Thanksgiving means turkey to most Americans, it means thousands of pies to Dorothy Pryor Rose of Mommie Helen's Bakery. She talks to the WSJ about baking for celebrities and her business during Thanksgiving. So for today, Ms. Rose decided she wasn't going to take any chances. She hired a security guard to keep the peace, and set up a barrier system to keep people in line. The line was expected to start forming before dawn and take as long as three hours to get through. Although there is nothing she can do to prevent the occasional customer from scalping her treats in the parking lot -- a $12 pie can go for more than $20 -- she hopes her extra counter help will keep the line moving briskly. The same sort of foodie rush is happening all over America. In Berkeley, Calif., many people wouldn't consider sitting down to the table without a pie from Fat Apple's. In New York, generations have ordered specialty turkeys from the Florence Meat Market in the West Village. In Washington, D.C., Cannon's Fish Market will likely sell 1,500 to 2,000 oysters today for serving on the half shell. Not everyone is hiring muscle, though. Since Monday, Ms. Rose's bakery, called Mommie Helen's, has been overseeing an expanded
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McBride Every Thanksgiving Turns into a pie Fight -...

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