Breen Whats Selling in America

Breen Whats Selling in America - Breen, Whats Selling in...

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Breen, What’s Selling in America, Fast Company, Dec. 2007. “What's Selling in America: part 5 of 5. “ By: Bill Breen "The Lamest Question in Retail Is, 'Can I Help You?'" How the Container Store Lays a Solid Foundation It's not every day that both the chairman and the CEO of a $300 million retailer choose to dress up in amusing costumes -- one as Andrew Carnegie, the other as a cub reporter from a newspaper -- and put on a show for their new hires. But then not every company is quite like the Container Store, a Dallas-based chain that specializes in selling storage products for the organizationally challenged -- and that's organized around a radically different theory of how to sell. The big trend in retailing today (call it Wal-Mart Nation) is to drive big sales by offering a vast selection, slashing prices -- and basically leaving customers to fend for themselves. The Container Store's two founders, chairman Garrett Boone and CEO and president Kip Tindell, aren't buying that formula for growth. They believe that helping the customer is the same as selling to the customer, that service is a powerful force for boosting volume. So far, the numbers bear them out. Since it was launched in 1978, the Container Store has racked
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Breen Whats Selling in America - Breen, Whats Selling in...

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