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There are a couple of hospitals in the area that I live around; the first is a called Northwest Medical Center and the second is Tucson Medical Center. Northwest Medical Center is a for profit organization and is also a part of an OHCA (Organized Health Care Arrangement), which is defined in their policies as being a clinical setting where patients see more than one physician and more than one physician participates. It’s located in an urban area around a variety of different medical offices. This hospital services a lot of different medical services for adults and the elderly, but does have very many resources for kids. They do take kids if they come in, but don’t have the supplies or devices to treat them. Tucson Medical Center is a nonprofit, locally governed organization that operates on the donations that are given by the community, fund raisers that they hold, and the TMC foundation. Through their charity foundations they serve the people whether they’re able to pay or not. TMC is located in a urban part of Tucson, AZ. TMC takes care of all kinds
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Unformatted text preview: of needs for patients. They even have their own wing for kids called Children’s Miracle Network. This wing takes care of just pediatrics and all their needs. It also has a variety of different services for adults, elderly, and even labor and delivery. These two hospitals differ in many ways and have different services for different people. For example, TMC is equipped with supplies to service the pediatrics and only them. Whereas Northwest Medical Center is mainly only for adults and the elderly, this hospital or medical center does not have the tools or material to give care to children. From my experience with these two hospitals I would rather that my family go to TMC than Northwest. I have three kids and they are always getting hurt or sick, it makes me feel better going to TMC because at least I know that the doctor’s at the medical center are trained in dealing with kids and the care that they need....
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